These are challenging and unpredictable times for the human race. The pandemic has kept us away from the things we love the most, like riding a motorcycle. Our love for motorcycles and racing is everlasting and as humans we evolve the way we do things. That is the triumph of the human spirit.

Ten10 Racing offers a new method to share our racing expertise with racing aspiring talents through online sessions. Knowledge is priceless, unlimited and never stops from spreading. We believe it is more potent than the COVID-19 virus and the best part is that it can be shared without any worries.

Our Director Ramji Govindarajan, who has over 23 years of experience in the digital space and 15 years experience in motorcycle racing has put together a program that is easy to understand and implement and is also cost effective to allow more people to pursue their racing dreams.

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Online training for motorcycle racing? Yes! It sounds crazy. But this is the new normal and with our wealth of experience, it is an effective model, saving both time and money.

Online to Offline

Let's look at it in a simple manner - we will introduce you to motorcycle racing step-by-step through the online classes including the techniques of riding a motorcycle around a racing circuit.

We will be available on all Thursdays and Sundays at Bangalore’s famous track, “Aruani Grid” to guide you and improve your skills and riding speed. You can come down at your own convenience to complete the certification process before you apply for your FMSCI racing license.

The track training fee is very nominal and the most affordable compared to other motorcycle racing academies in the country.

Want more? As our alumni, you are under the guidance of the most experienced and sought after racing schools in the country, for the rest of your racing life.



Training Motorcycle

You can either rent a motorcycle or use your own.

To rent a track spec motorcycle from our trusted partner Quick Shift Racing, please call Mani at 9916944178


To use your own, any motorcycle above 125CC is good. Ensure that you have fresh lubricant in the engine, a fresh set of tyres for the race track with correct tyre pressure, good brakes (especially the front brakes) and sufficient fuel in the tank.

If you are able to keep a spare motorcycle with the above specifications for the race track, it will be an advantage. Ensure this motorcycle doesn't have the following fitments:

  • Headlights
  • Indicators
  • Side-Stand
  • Tail lamps
  • Rearview Mirrors
  • Saree Guard

Remember, the principle of riding any motorcycle is the same.

Riding Suits & Gear

Riding gear rentals with our trusted partners, is available on demand. Please contact Naveed at 9844012348 and mention that you are registered with Ten10 Racing Academy.


All our training modules are adapted to be presented online in a step by step manner so that riders can implement the techniques taught easily, on their own and with one-on-one on interactions with Ramji and other coaches. This will give riders a unique opportunity to understand and implement the techniques to improve their riding skills, to get faster, to win races and to be a champion.

  • Training Sessions
  • One-on-One Sessions
  • Discussions & Analysis
  • National & International Rider Sessions
  • Rich & Interactive Content
  • Lifetime free access to Ten10 Racing Academies Library
  • Assignments & Research
  • Certificates for various levels of training
  • Opportunities with racing teams
  • Free analysis of racing competition and performance for one season* (with prior appointment)
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The aspiration to become a motorcycle racer starts very young and this passion and love for motorcycles must be nurtured at the right time, in the right way. Kids often head in the wrong direction by experiencing the thrills of speed with literally no safety standards and regulations on public roads. The misconception of racing on the streets versus in a competition has to be rewired with kids and their parents alike.

Ten10 Racing does exactly that! We have a “step by step” methodology of guiding a young talent towards competitive racing while inculcating in them the fun element of racing. We do this through our Basic/ Introductory program. Motorcycle racing is, at the end of the day, a whole lot of fun and adrenalin. One must learn to enjoy the sport before one progresses into competitive racing and that is exactly what we propose in this Basic level.

Motorcycle racing is a never ending evolution of humans and motorcycles. Once you have tasted speed along with success your intention will be to move up to the next level, to increase the intensity, to evolve the challenge.

As you get faster, the dynamics of racing changes not only for motorcycles but also for riders. In this Intermediate level, we will skill-up your riding techniques and begin preparation to face the intensity of a real competition. We will stand by you when you start to push the limits of your machine, body and mind.

Every rider starts with the aspiration to become a professional racer and the transformation to a pro-racer is a long and intense road faced with tough challenges and more failures than successes. With over a decade of experience working with professional racers and in some of the toughest racing environments, we know the exact methods and the mantra required to shape you into the complete package of a professional motorcycle racer. Remember, being a racer is not just about being fast on a motorcycle. In this Expert level, we make you a complete, competitive athlete.


What techniques we impart via the curriculum across all three levels of our training program:

  • Braking
  • Steering & Cornering
  • Lines
  • Body Positions
  • Vision
  • Gear Shift
  • Throttle Control
  • Lean Angle
  • Race Starts
  • Racing Scenarios & Analysis
  • Online Group Discussion
  • Video Analysis
  • Race Motorcycle Mechanics & Technology
  • Tyre Technology
  • Sponsorship & Marketing
  • Fitness & Etiquette
  • Online Tests & Evaluation

In each level, the intensity and the difficulty involved will vary as you progress from basic to expert as this will be needed as your pace progresses.

On the whole, Ten10 Racing Academy will work closely with you to make you a performing race winning athlete.

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Basic / Introductory Race Training

For First Time Racers/Rider

Duration: 5 days

Schedule: 60 minutes session/day for 4 days

Certification: On completion of an online test with a satisfactory grade and on track evaluation with in 10 days of completion of the course

Fee: ₹1999

Intermediate Race Training

For National Championship Novice & Intermediate Class / One Make Racers who have completed Level 1 in any academy and have completed one season of active racings

Duration: 8 days

Schedule: 40 minutes session / 2 sessions per week

Certification: On completion of an online test with a satisfactory grade

Fee: ₹2999

Expert / Professional Race Training:

For National Championship / One Make Racers / International Professional Racers who have chosen racing as their career

Duration: 10 days

Schedule: 40 minutes session / 2 sessions per week

Certification: On completion of an online test with a satisfactory grade

Fee: ₹4999

*GST extra as applicable

* Training and practice sessions at a circuit will be charged additionally on actuals


Track Sessions with Ten10 Racing Academy will be conducted at Aruani Grid, Bangalore.