Basic/ Introductory Race Training

The aspiration to become a motorcycle racer starts very young and this passion and love for motorcycles must be nurtured at the right time, in the right way. Kids often head in the wrong direction by experiencing the thrills of speed with literally no safety standards and regulations on public roads. The misconception of racing on the streets versus in a competition has to be rewired with kids and their parents alike.

Ten10 Racing does exactly that! We have a “step by step” methodology of guiding a young talent towards competitive racing while inculcating in them the fun element of racing. We do this through our Basic/ Introductory program. Motorcycle racing is, at the end of the day, a whole lot of fun and adrenalin. One must learn to enjoy the sport before one progresses into competitive racing and that is exactly what we propose in this Basic level.

Intermediate Race Training

Motorcycle racing is a never ending evolution of humans and motorcycles. Once you have tasted speed along with success your intention will be to move up to the next level, to increase the intensity, to evolve the challenge.

As you get faster, the dynamics of racing changes not only for motorcycles but also for riders. In this Intermediate level, we will skill-up your riding techniques and begin preparation to face the intensity of a real competition. We will stand by you when you start to push the limits of your machine, body and mind.

Expert/ Professional Race Training

Every rider starts with the aspiration to become a professional racer and the transformation to a pro-racer is a long and intense road faced with tough challenges and more failures than successes. With over a decade of experience working with professional racers and in some of the toughest racing environments, we know the exact methods and the mantra required to shape you into the complete package of a professional motorcycle racer. Remember, being a racer is not just about being fast on a motorcycle. In this Expert level, we make you a complete, competitive athlete.

Rider Counselling and Mentoring

Racers are human beings with strong emotions. They perform in some of the toughest environments making split second decisions which result in victory or defeat, life or otherwise... They are elite soldiers who have to think not only about themselves but also about their competitors. Every defeat brings hurt and disappointment which must be managed. Racers require constant counselling and mentoring by trained and experienced professionals in the sport to keep their morale high and their fighting spirit strong. We understand their language and our coaches know how to support them during good times and not so good ones.

Strength and Fitness

Fitness has become an integral and mandatory part of every sports person's daily regime. Motorcycle racing is an extreme sport and the whole body needs a lot of strengthening and conditioning. Working with some of the best sports fitness experts in the industry, we provide you with the latest conditioning programs to keep you physically fit and mentally strong.