Ride Opportunities & Contract Negotiations

Opportunities are abundant and sometimes one is faced with a tough choice to make. We will guide and seek the right opportunities for you based on your skills and experience in order to expose you to the right competitions that can prove not only to be great learning experiences but also successful ones. With access to almost all top championship projects around the world, we can identify the right platform for the right talent.

Endorsements/ Sponsorship

The most challenging part in a sports person’s life or for a team’s existence is raising adequate money for a whole season. Finances play a key element in all sports person's careers. Their top performances can be directly associated with the support they have and the partnerships they have sealed. We have the know-how to seek the right partnerships that can provide and create career opportunities along with peace of mind for a sports person or a racing team. We do not believe in just funding and sponsorship, we believe in building partnerships, relationships and in winning together.

Digital Profile Management

In this digital era, controlled by social media, one can measure the quantity of a person’s popularity by their followers and fans on social media platforms. Thus, projecting the right image will define the personality of a sports person, their humility and interactions with fans and popularity of the brands that they are associated with. We will strike the right chord to engage you with the ever changing digital world and aim for maximum reach and visibility.

Media/ PR/ CSR

Press and CSR offline continue to play a key role in the lives of sports persons despite the hold that social media has on the world. The seriousness of a sports person is exhibited best by conventional media and their association with social responsibilities within the community and fraternity.