Just outside the second round of the Supersport World Championship, the riders and team are now ready to take to the track for the first free practice session. We are located in the historic Imola circuit for more than thirty years is the temple of the engines in Italy, known throughout the world for hosting motorsport events. The track has undergone a re-development which began in 2006, edited by German architect Hermann Tilke, specializing in the production of motor racing circuits. In 2009 the need for type approval requirements required by the International Motorcycling Federation has made the new Variante Bassa and in 2011 the road was almost completely resurfaced.

The Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari International hosts the FIM Supersport World Championship since 2009, it was the World Superbike Championship and to test the lower new variant in an official competition. The track is recognized as a very technical, difficult to interpret, with curves and detached complex, traveled at a high speed that requires a high profile professional. The length of the bike is around 4936 meters; the direction is counter clockwise, 9 and 13 curves to the right and left slopes respectively, downhill and uphill over 9% (down stroke curves Piratella – Water Minerals – Mineral Waters turns up suddenly – Variante Alta).

The Bike Service WTR Ten10 Racing “in field” on this occasion with the rider of the Team Massimo Roccoli, motivated more than ever, looking to make amends Australian race, which unfortunately only traveled a few kilometers after the start and where he procured some bad excoriation after a fall at high speed. With his wounds not fully healed is not still 100% physcially.

Will race in the 2 nd leg of the World Supersport race of openness to European events, as a wild card rider twenty-four of Porto Recanati, Cristiano Erbacci. Winner of the 2008 Yamaha R6 Cup brand, three years of experience in the Italian Supersport, Christian aims to grow progressively in this race. Here are his thoughts: “I am sure that the experience of these three years will give me much of the world. My goal is to finish in the points. I must say I am a little excited, is the first time I run a Championship and so many things are new for me, but I am sure of one thing: I am happy! “Christian always running with a Yamaha and a few days it has got to try the bike to Bike Service – WTR Ten 10: “The bike is not new to me, I know her very well, of course, working with Stephen Morrison and WTR Ten10 have more advanced electronics, I ll have to understand at a glance time, however I am confident. ” Cristiano Erbacci will also participate in other two Italian World Supersport.

Team manager Stefano Morri and Bike Service “WTR Ten10 Racing gather all fans, friends and acquaintances from tomorrow at the following times:

Friday: free 10 h – h qualifying 13.45 (SBK live timing website)
Saturday: Free h 10.45 – qualifying 16.05 (SBK live timing website)
Sunday: Warm up 9.45 – race 13.30 (streaming web


It’s been exactly one month from the first leg of the 2012 season at Phillip Island. Unlucky Massimo Roccoli from the tests already carried out on Monday before the race where, following a fall at great speed, maximum reported of major burns on his arm and leg.

How did you live the race weekend, having to live with these ugly wounds?

Unfortunately the crash has ruined the whole program of work and back in the saddle with all these bruises was difficult but the team has helped me develop the bike and managed to stay on schedule! The right arm and leg were burning but with the help of the mobile clinic I fought back and running smoothly!

What are your current health condition?

The wounds have not healed completely, one in particular, that of the arm. Unfortunately it is still very evident because the crash left me with a burning asphalt. For the rest I feel very good, I just hope I do not have much discomfort in the arm when I am on track.

As has been back in the saddle after last year with Yamaha
Honda and Kawasaki?

The R6 I used for three years, the bike is good and the chassis is the best, we now have several steps of preparation on the electronics so as to increase the feeling between me and the bike

The Team Bike Service (now who joined the WTR Ten10) is not new to you. How to work with people your’s ve known so much and with whom you started ten years ago?

It’s nice to be so happy as I can tell a dream come true!

It started the weekend’s race at Imola. There are many Italian fans, how it feels to race in front of his home crowd?

Misano and Imola are two important events for me and the team, perhaps even the most stressful, but it’s exciting to race in these circuits because they have really great support of friends and fans!

Do you like the Imola? What are your feelings about the race on Sunday?

Mugello is my favorite track, a racetrack full of history .. I look forward to being on the track tomorrow morning! And then .. There is the desire to rebuild after a difficult week Australian!