As the season enters its penultimate race weekend with Round 4 of the Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship at MMRT, Ten10 Racing enters the round with a marginal deficit in the Championship in the Group C, Restricted Modified class. The loss of crucial points despite a double win by the team’s top 2 riders Mathana Kumar and Hari Krishnan in Round 3 due to a technical mismatch of a component in the Group C class.

However, the pace and performance of the motorcycles and riders remains in top form as the said component did not enhance the performance of the race motorcycle. The Honda CBR 150 is still a race winner with Mathana Kumar #46 in top form this season and Hari Krishnan #33 is very confident fresh from his Asia Dream Cup performance in Buriram, Thailand.

The twist to the tale is Vivek Pillai making a strategic move to Group C class to support the team’s pursuit to win the National Championship.

This means Sarath Kumar #69 will be the lone flag bearer in Group B, Fully modified class for Ten10 Racing on the TB10-15, Honda CBR150R machine. The development has been slow and steady with the Honda engines showing solid performance and stability, however the stability and handling is what the team is working on to get the bikes through the corners without losing pace. With good amount of data and support from Honda we are hoping to solve the problem and put on a solid performance this weekend.

In the Honda CBR250 Cup Round 3 races, Ten10 Racing is in the top slot with a top performance from Sarath Kumar #69 in the last round

Rajiv Sethu #8 the podium finisher in Round 1 of the Honda One Make races who was injured and underwent surgery is back this weekend and we hope to have a solid performance from him. Mathana Kumar #46 and Hari Krishnan #3 who had top notch performances in Round 2 are expected to aim for top position. However, with tough competitors on the grid there is no room for error and a solid performance by all four Ten10 riders will give the team a solid position in the Championships.

With world famous aRacer ECU on our National Championship Honda CBR150R machine, the performance of the engines have been in top form extracting the required amount of power with high reliability.

Motul Lubricants have been very supportive providing us with the right lubricants and coolants for racing in the hot weather in Chennai under intense conditions. The high performance lubricants help our high performance motorcycle with the perfect protection even at 13500 RPM.

Daaki and Fitness First Bangalore have kept our boys in top form in terms of their fitness and agility to give them the edge over the competition.

100 Plus are with us with the much required refreshment which is a must during the hot race weekends at MMRT.