The qualifying session of the German Grand Prix at the Sachsenring circuit went against the WTR-Ten10 Racing riders as compared to the free practice session since they qualified with more than two seconds difference between them. The track was challenging with all its ups and downs; this made for a spectacular qualifying session.

The riders are feeling better with the bikes now and they are able to interpret the track very well and provide the technician the data necessary for the right results.

Unfortunately, on the afternoon of the qualifier, the track had become considerably slippery, creating problems for the two riders. Tomorrow, starting at this position it will be difficult for the riders to try and earn their debut points of the 2011 season.

Francesco Mauriello #43, 31st with the time of 1 30,227

“I could not improve my performance this morning because the weather conditions have changed so much and the bike was slipping on the fast bend in downhill. The bike was good and it was probably a tyre problem. Now we are checking for a solution for tomorrow so we no longer have this problem.”

Sturla Fagerhaug #50, 27th with the time of 1 29, 725

“The bike was okay, but the track was slippery from this morning. I hope to find the solution to the race that will allow me to go faster.”