Honda Ten10 Racing with WOW is ready for a great new season.


Ten10 Racing will now be Honda Ten10 Racing Team starting this 2016 season, supported by HMSI and HRID. Honda Ten10 Racing Team will be competing in all 3 classes this season. The premier class being SuperSport Indian spearheaded by international racer Sarath Kumar #69 and last year’s Pro-Stock Champion Mathan Kumar #46.

The SS165 is built on the Honda CBR150R platform and is specifically design to compete in this class reaching top speeds of about 170KPH. Considered as the premier class in India, the championship is fiercely fought between factory teams for top glory.

Honda Ten10 Racing Team will also be participating in the Pro-Stock, Indian modified class with riders Rajiv Sethu #81 and Hari Krishnan #33 who are the favourites to win the Championship in this class. They will also be racing on a Honda CBR150R modified with restrictions.

Nawas Khan #59 will be the lone participant from the team in the Stock class riding a Stock CBR150R.

The team is supported by Mr. John & WOW Digit HK, RedBrick Construction, Pyramid Tiles, Haul Apparel, 7 Hills Home Solutions, and Planetsurf Creations.

Race Weekend: 24 to 26 June 2016, Kari Motor Speedway, Chettipalayam, Coimbatore.